Legal Malpractice

The Dyer Law Firm specializes in making litigation affordable with reasonable hourly or contingency rates or a combination of the two.

Our goal is to have the client achieve the best financial outcome including attorneys’ fees.

Serving Businesses and Individuals

At Dyer Law Firm , our attorneys take great pride in representing each and every client with integrity and professionalism. Unfortunately, in some instances lawyers fall short in their fulfilling their duties to their clients. In certain instances, these actions rise to the level of malpractice. While no attorney takes pleasure in suing another member of the profession, we represent clients in legal malpractice cases in order to achieve justice for our clients and to help uphold the standards of the legal profession if we believe they have been violated.

Representing Those Harmed by Malfeasance 

Our attorneys represent individuals and businesses that have suffered serious damages because of the negligence of their lawyers. We have prevailed in legal malpractice cases and we have obtained significant results in legal malpractices cases.

Our experience allows us to face opposing counsel from the strongest possible vantage point and leverage the outcome to our client's favor.

Proving Legal Malpractice

Simply losing your case or arriving at what you consider an unjust result is not malpractice. To prove a legal malpractice case, we must prove (1) that the lawyer breached the standard of care, (2) that this breach of duty caused harm to the client and (3) that the client has damages because of the malpractice. Malpractice can occur in the context of litigation or in transactional work. The textbook example of litigational malpractice is failing to file a claim before the statute of limitation runs. Examples of transactional malpractice include producing defective documents or failing to properly advise clients.

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