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Mike Dyer


Mike got his start defending insurance companies. Now, he works to protect the common man. Mike advocates for clients in a variety of scenarios, including personal injury, business disputes, and legal malpractice. It’s his mission to deliver justice to those who have been wronged or overpowered by others. 

Dustin Dyer


Dustin’s educational background in business administration makes him particularly well-suited to handle complex commercial litigation matters. Even so, he enjoys helping people from all walks of his life. Like his father, Mike, he entered the practice of law to empower those who have been victimized.

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areas of practice

We protect you when others attempt to abuse their power.

Personal Injury

We work to bring you justice after work site accidents, car crashes, and other injuries caused by carelessness.
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Business Litigation

If you’re facing a business dispute, we will analyze the situation and help you resolve it through trial or settlement.
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Legal Malpractice

When others cause you harm through negligence or breaches of contract, we are here to protect you and your rights.
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You need a firm that understands both sides of the courtroom
house “I got my start representing insurance companies at the biggest litigation firm in Stockton. Now, I use the knowledge I gained to help victims like you.” - Michael Dyer

Because of Mike’s background, we have clear insight into how insurance companies operate. Mike has worked for some of the best litigation firms in Stockton, so he doesn’t just know how insurance defenders think — he knows how some of the best ones strategize. Because we know their tactics in the courtroom, we are able to constantly think several steps ahead. 

More so, we can relate to our clients. We’ve lived in Stockton for over 30 years, and we understand the values and the culture of the area. Therefore, we have a much easier time empathizing with the farmers, small business owners, and working men and women than we do with larger corporations they compete against. 

We have a true, vested interest in seeing our clients happy because they are the people of our town, and it is our mission to protect them at all costs.