Mike Dyer

When people ask how Mike got his start in personal injury, they aren’t expecting to hear that it’s because he witnessed a plaintiff die in the court of law. But that’s exactly what happened. Mike used to be the head of litigation at the largest firm in Stockton. Back then, he represented the insurance companies. Mike once took on a case where a sewage tank leaked into a house. The owner was unhappy because his insurance company would not pay for the damage, and his attorney went after all of the problems with the house in trial. Mike successfully proved that the other problems were not there, and the sewage malfunction was swept under the rug. When the judge announced that Mike had won the case, the plaintiff had a stress-induced heart attack. The jury attempted CPR, but he did not survive. Deep down, Mike knew that he shouldn’t have won the case. It was in that moment that he realized he was on the wrong side of the courtroom, and in 2002, he opened his own firm to help the victims of personal injury cases rather than their insurance providers. 

The knowledge Mike gained from his past experience is invaluable in his practice today. Not only does Mike possess insider knowledge, he also goes up against large law firms and insurance companies without fear or hesitation. Mike has a reputation for being tough and tenacious in trial, and for this reason, he always prefers to open in court. However, many do not realize that he is a true bleeding heart. His son, Dustin, says he isn’t always aware of a case’s profitability, which is both a blessing and a curse. To see from Mike’s perspective, you have to understand his early adult life. 

When Mike’s first child was born, he had been working as an x-ray technician for six years. He knew he wanted to provide a better life for his daughter than the one he currently had, and after he helped settle estate matters for a family member, he realized that he could do what the lawyers were doing. He then enrolled in law school, where he went to class during the day while simultaneously working full-time at night and raising a child. Mike knows what it’s like to struggle, and he has made it his life’s mission to represent the underdog, whether it’s a victim who has suffered an injury, a small business owner who is facing trial against a large organization, or an everyday citizen who has been taken advantage of by the legal system.

I work to empower the powerless. 

A few of Mike’s other notable cases include two scenarios involving serious product malfunction. One client’s motorcycle helmet didn’t cover the base of his head, and when he wrecked and hit the pavement, he suffered a severe loss of motor skills. He is now a paraplegic with diminished capacity, but Mike recovered enough compensation from the helmet company to support the client’s new needs and prevent such unsafe helmets from being manufactured again. Additionally, Mike has successfully represented a family whose son accidently shot himself due to a gun’s faulty protection mechanism. Both cases stand out in Mike’s mind as situations where he was able to help clients who were facing their some of their most traumatic moments. Although Mike has obtained numerous multi-million dollar recoveries for his clients at the federal and state level, it is cases like these that remind him why he continues to practice law after 30+ years. 

Mike is a long-term resident of Stockton, and he always tries to help the residents of his community — inside and outside of the courtroom. He has previously spoken to students about higher education and the legal system and has donated legal services to youth in need.  He was also a little league coach for 20 years, and he is honored by the role he played in the lives of hundreds of kids throughout the years. To those that know Mike personally, this is not a surprise, as he achieved great success in both high school and college baseball, a skill that he passed down to his three children, all of whom were all-conference players.

Today, his kids are all graduates from well-known universities, and he and his family get together to travel to Hawaii and snorkel whenever possible. The rest of the time, his young grandson — Dustin’s firstborn —  keeps him rather busy. 


  • Juris Doctor - Martin Luther King Jr. School of Law at the University of California, Davis
  • Bachelor of Arts - California State University, Sacramento