Dustin Dyer

Dustin began working at his father’s law firm when he was 15. Competitive by nature, he was always intrigued by the process of trial. So, when Dustin graduated with his bachelor’s degree and could no longer satisfy his competitive spirit through college baseball, he attended to law school and the courtroom eventually became his outlet. 

However, Dustin enjoys much more than just the competitive aspect of trial. Although he still gets a thrill from the courtroom, he also tremendously enjoys advocating for those who would otherwise be at a disadvantage in court. He and his father, Mike, have formed partnerships with many local farmers and defended them against larger organizations. They’re not afraid to go up against larger firms and government agencies to help those in need, and because of his educational background, Dustin is particularly adept at resolving complex business litigation cases. 

My family tried to convince me not to become an attorney. They said it was a stressful profession, but I couldn’t see myself doing anything else.

Mike and Dustin make a great duo in court. Dustin takes a more amicable approach, so he often counsels clients internally and then uses his negotiation skills to close in the courtroom after Mike has opened. They’ve found this strategy to be tremendously successful. One of Dustin’s fondest memories was the time they litigated a medical malpractice case that helped ensure financial stability for a disabled child for the rest of her life. Another time, they worked with a forensic company who split up and tried to force their client into bankruptcy. They worked on the case for two years even though the gentleman could not pay their fees, and Dustin eventually recovered $2 million dollars for the client. The two are now close friends, and Dustin looks forward to developing additional lasting relationships throughout his practice. 

As a Stockton native since 1985, Dustin has built a solid network of friends and business partners around the area. He loves helping the residents of his city and staying active in the community in any way possible. In his younger years, Dustin was an accomplished athlete who pitched for both St. Mary’s Rams and the UOP Tigers. Today, Dustin plays in a men’s baseball league and is a workout fiend. He and his wife, Tess, also stay quite busy with their adorable young son and their beloved bullmastiff.

Bar Admissions

  • U.S. Federal Court
  • State of California
  • State of Hawaii
  • Bankruptcy Court


  • Juris Doctor - McGeorge School of Law
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, with Honors  - University of the Pacific